Hosting for your web site

Web hosting is an service which allows to place your website on the Internet and to make it accessible for Internet users.

There are a few different options when it comes to web hosting, with the most popular and affordable choice being our solution or shared hosting. However, we realize that companies grow with time and that  your hosting solution must keep up with your business. An alternative hosting solution, where all the servers resources are dedicated solely to your business would be a VPS or virtual private server. This would allow your business to have all the advantages of a dedicated server, but with exponentially less cost and more scalability. 

Tri-City Web Design offers a solution to your webhosting needs. We have server space at a Internet data center which we make available to our clients.

  • 10 GB Diskspace
  • Up to 30 e-mail Accounts
  • E-mail Spam Filtering
  • Databases
  • 5 ftp logins

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